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Uploaded on August 31, 2017



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Bren6104 months ago

Very good point.  This will be my second year out.  Trying to learn on my own starting with squirrel.  Got 7 last year, got another a few days ago.  Good luck in your hunts and God bless.

TexasTreeMan4 months ago

Genesis 9: 1 - 4 Acts 10: 9 - 16. It’s all here made this way for us or He wouldn’t have put us at the top of the food chain.

Azbearbear4 months ago

How much does the Pioneer duck call cost?

Dede4 months ago

Love seeing you again we miss you and the whole family!  Glad you are on here!

Edgett94 months ago

I had 7 older brothers and each of you boys remind me of each of them.

ToddEastman4 months ago

Thanks for the WORD Jase

CamoFlix4 months ago

Right on!

Perer Little4 months ago

Amen brother.  Keep on being faithful.  You are a great testimony for our Lord

Link4 months ago

Great words of wisdom frim the Word! Thanks! Last year i discovered you and i are the exact same age! We share the same birthday and year!

Duckman0564 months ago

Y’all ever think about do a throw back call and bring back the Brown Sugar?

Rushknot4 months ago

Amen brother!

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