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Uploaded on August 14, 2017



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Suoerhunter2 months ago

How do you season you catfish I like Cajun myself .

Azbearbear4 months ago

What makes them go in the net? Does your net stay open the whole time? Where can I buy one at

OmniCamaro4 months ago


scott1about 5 months ago

I never have that kind of luck. Fish can sense when I approach, and they bolt.

UnkleMike50125 months ago

That’s crazy! I don’t think they let us fish like that in Colorado. Miss your show, man. Hope your family is doing well. God bless.

CrazyZeis5 months ago

what is the most you have caught using the net in one time

Bootscooter5 months ago

With all that food ,Do you have ways you give away much of it or can your family eat most of it?

Jswarts5 months ago

What is this net called?

jaseduckman5 months ago

Dan aka the butler (he works for Phil) is filming.  Phil has many nicknames for him.

Big Sam5 months ago

That’s some good eating

jimviniowa5 months ago

fire up the oil, time for a fish fry !

BrotherGriz5 months ago

Whose behind the camera Jase?

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