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Uploaded on August 07, 2017



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OmniCamaro7 months ago

Thanks for sharing Jase!

BrotherGriz8 months ago

Only time I ever had a snake actually chase me was on a beaver dam…hate them cotton mouths

jaseduckman8 months ago

no anti venom, but you watch every step you take.  We will keep filming but I’m not sure if it will be released in dvd form.  I will post a lot of the season here

KIRB_048 months ago

The key to it is don’t get bit lol and then you don’t need anti venom

wce2218 months ago

Hey jase. I was wondering if yall are still going to make the duckmen dvds. Thanks!

CrazyZeis8 months ago

so do you carry anti-venom when clearing beaver dams

jaseduckman8 months ago

Hey bluegirl, that’s why I started this, I’ll try to keep ya posted…literally

Bluegirl8 months ago

Hey jase just trying to find out what the family is up to since the dynasty. Love your family

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