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Uploaded on July 26, 2017

What is new cutdown 2.0 sound like?



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Kadepope64@icloud.com3 months ago

That was the best call I’ve heard

Dmabe1238 months ago

Love you all. Such a talent

Lanning118 months ago

I never had family that cared much about hunting or fishing while I was growing up. And I even lived in the country during my early teens. I have always had a fascination with hunting and fishing since I was very young. But without anyone in my family that did hunt or fish, I had to rely on myself to teach myself how. I would always trot off to a farm pond and fish by myself pretty much all my youth. We didnt have internet, Google or YouTube when I was young. And not to mention, we didnt have cable way out in the country for those hunting and fishing shows.  So unless you where shown how to hunt or fish, you basically winged it on your own. When I moved out on my own as a young adult, I was lucky enough to become friends with someone that lived for hunting and mostly fishing. He was taught at a young age on the proper ways to do so. So he became my best friend and mentor. I learned tons of techniques on fishing from him. And so I got hooked. Yet, I still never learned about hunting. So I avoided that subject for years. Or at least until my youngest son came along. He was exactly like me during my youth. And became infatuated with hunting and fishing. my problem was, I couldn’t teach him anything about hunting. However, I was able to teach him the tricks to fishing. With internet, Google and YouTube so readily available these days, my son was able to dive right into learning about hunting. not to mention, he surrounded himself with friends that knew all about it. This is where the tables turned for me. Usually, it the father that gives their kids their first shotgun or rifle. And its usually the father teaching their kids about hunting. Not in my case. Last year, my 16 year old son bought me my very first shotgun. A Remington 870 for fathers day. I felt like a kid again. And so the adventure begins. I spent several weeks with him skeet shooting. Basically getting ready for my first Dove season. Then on to duck hunting. We went hunting and many occasions during these seasons last year. And I must say, just being in the field with my kiddo early in the morning setting up decoys and watching the sunrise with nature showed me why hunting is so important. Sure you want that bag limit of Doves or ducks. But more importantly is the bonding you recieve. Not only bonding with nature. But with bonding with family as well. Especially in today’s hustle and bustle world. I learned to slow down a little and take the neccesary time to hang out with family. I am looking forward to many hunts with my son in the future. And we must stick together as an Outdoor group to always pass on the hunting and fishing skills to others so it will not become obsolete as many things have become in our time. I will never forget what my friend and my son have taught me about the good ol’ outdoors. And I know that there is still a lot more to learn. I might be getting older, but the outdoor life isn’t predjidous about age. Now its time to go…. Got to clean my shotgun up and get practicing. Dove season is right around the corner. Good hunting and fishing to all!    -Bryan Lanning

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