Jase’s Devo part 7 Victory thru Surrender


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Published on 16 January 2019


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Chris Toppings 3 years ago

I look forward to this everyday Jase. I check everyday. I plan on writing you a personal letter. But I don’t know if you will receive it through the Duck Commander office. But I am going to try. Man you are an inspiration I have recently changed my life and changed my ways diving more into the Word. I pray the rest of your hunting season goes well ours in NC has been tough but it’s getting fired up now. We have two more weeks. Again love your messages. Thanks for always sharing the gospel

Glen Caple 3 years ago

Amen. That is some righteous material. Thank you!

Greg 3 years ago

Our greatest victory is surrendering to the One who first surrendered. Good stuff Jase.

Jamie 3 years ago

Thanks Jase for the good words. I am a Youth/ Sports Pastor. I can't wait to share this video with some peeps I work with. Thanks for sharing what the good Lord has shared on your heart!!!!

jaseduckman 3 years ago

I appreciate all you guys’ comments. I am sure that our discussions about Jesus will make us all better men.

Carlos 3 years ago

I’m not hunter but I’m really enjoying these videos.

Keith Searcy 3 years ago

Believe, repent, confess, and be baptized for the remission of sin and the gift of the holy ghost shall added unto you.

Angie Powell 3 years ago

Thats right!!!

Angie Powell 3 years ago

Thank you ! I know alot of men need God loving men to learn from . The word of GOD and other men