Duck Season Day 1 2017/2018


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Published on 26 September 2018


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Ed 10 months ago

Can’t follow

jaseduckman 10 months ago

Did you figure it out?

John 10 months ago

Good stuff jase. Love the show. From Eire

Chris Vandagriff 10 months ago

Video quality is superb!

Lee 10 months ago

Looks good Jase.

Nathan 10 months ago

Impressive shooting! Keep the great videos coming! Do you guys ever hunt bobcat or coyotes?

Daryle McCormick 10 months ago

Nice video

Tom macomber 10 months ago

Just signed up. This is great idea. Just hope i get some video worth sharing

Jerry Benoit 8 months ago

LOL......gotta try the "nad pressure" next time my lab gives me lip.....that's too funny...

Lloyd Walker 2 months ago

My wife heard the video and now I can't say a word contrary.....