Duck Season Day 1 2017/2018


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Published on 26 September 2018


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Ed 1 year ago

Can’t follow

jaseduckman 1 year ago

Did you figure it out?

John 1 year ago

Good stuff jase. Love the show. From Eire

Chris Vandagriff 1 year ago

Video quality is superb!

Lee 1 year ago

Looks good Jase.

Nathan 1 year ago

Impressive shooting! Keep the great videos coming! Do you guys ever hunt bobcat or coyotes?

Daryle McCormick 1 year ago

Nice video

Tom macomber 1 year ago

Just signed up. This is great idea. Just hope i get some video worth sharing

Jerry Benoit 1 year ago

LOL......gotta try the "nad pressure" next time my lab gives me lip.....that's too funny...

Lloyd Walker 1 year ago

My wife heard the video and now I can't say a word contrary.....