Jase’s Devo part 3 (Christmas Edition )


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Published on 25 December 2018


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wesley 3 years ago

Just give them Jesus

Bill 3 years ago

Well spoken

Mark 3 years ago

Amen brother!

lteamlaura 3 years ago

Thank you for talking about Jesus. Merry Christmas from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Josh Hall 3 years ago

Thank God for the savior ! Enjoying the devotional so far enjoy hearing Gods Word . God is good all the time .

Jim Keener 3 years ago

Glad I found your videos.

Glen Caple 3 years ago

Amen. I was going back through these videos as I did not begin following your Twitter page until about two weeks ago. I already commented on your most recent video about John. John was also born of the Holy Ghost. He was born to Zechariah & Elizabeth. The bible says that they were, "stricken in years". Meaning they were too old to have children. But the angel Gabriel visited them and told them Elizabeth would conceive. And she did. John. So this is more proof of the miracle. Thank you for your work.

Jay 2 years ago

I love how you alwyas have one eye on the sky, just in case that big old green head turns up