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Father to 4 wonderful children, husband to a phenomenal wife. We love the outdoors! Fishing, camping, recreational shooting. We love to travel to new places. You can follow us on Instagram @LostSouthernAngler or our Facebook page,


Been fishing since I could walk, no giant bass. My personal best is just shy of 7 lbs so I am always on the hunt to break it! Caught a massive Red Fish in Louisiana this year. 28-30 lbs according to the Captain. Longest shot was on a .270 back when I was 16 or 17, 293 meters. It was just target shooting but when you hit an 8x8 plate from that far away it’s something to talk about. Haha.


"Own your dash. Let me explain. When your tombstone is put in place, it has the year you were born (ex. 1234-5678) that little dash in between those years is your life. You have to own it!"

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