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I grew up in the woods as much as i could be. In the last five years I've began to love hunting ducks, so much to a point where I'm looking into filming my hunts. A goal i have is to eventually make a living at it.


6 years of hunting, in 2016 I had the opportunity to meet Jase Robertson in Webster Wisconsin (when He asked if anyone duck hunted I immediately blew a couple quacks on my triple threat.) That same year I shot my first Mallard and my first black duck hybrid. -This year I made a bunch of feats, which included my first greenwing teal on opening day, my first redhead, canvasback, gadwall, pintail, shoveler, widgeon and Bluebill in North Dakota. And on my birthday this year I floated down the river shooting a limit of geese along with two green heads and a hen mallard, and I almost got a chance to shoot a nice 10 point buck that same trip. Longest Shot would have to be on a mallard I killed in north dakota, tops would have been 70 yards but one stray BB from number 2 Super X's got him right in the head.


"Man's got to know his limitations. -Clint Eastwood"

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