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God Fearing Dad, Son, Brother, Family Man, Electrician, and Baseball Coach. Born and Raised between the MS and the Cumberland..... TN style! The boys in the blind call me Spoon, after an 'ole bird hunter from The Tywop Bottoms. They say we both seem to always 'stir things up a bit'. I just try to keep perspectives light, have fun, and smile a lot. After all, 'laughter is a medicine'! Hope ya'll enjoy my adventures {most coming from Obion (Reelfoot) and Decatur (TN River) Co. TN}I'll be posting during the '17 dove/deer/waterfowl season! if you do, pass the link along! Laugh Hard, Look Up, and.... Ya'll stay in HIS Grip! Spoon


30+ year Waterfowl hunter/enthusiast; blessed with many great memories and hunts but 1 hunt stands above the rest: 12 yrs old, hunting w/my late father, just he and I. Group of a dozen or so pintails buzzed in while dad was cookin', I knocked down 1 before he could get a shot off. The hen I shot had a Jack Minor band on her leg...Dad tried to be mad that I didn't wait to shoot. We split the money! Lol. greatest memories


"Laughter is a medicine- Holy Bible Wherever you go, there you are!- Grandpa No matter how hard you try, you'll never understand a woman....just love them anyway!- Dad"

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All natural Crow call- real time

By: MonsterKiller1

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09/02/17- 2nd day early dove/Canada goose in West Tn

By: MonsterKiller1