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Skyhunter Outfitters is THE Premiere helicopter hog hunting outfit in Texas. Located just 1 hour north of Dallas, we have access to over 140,000 acres of prime farm land which also means it's prime feral hog country! Our Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter is expertly flown by our owner and Veteran Cavalry Scout pilot Chris Hitt. Safety is our number 1 priority! Having a blast while slaying some swine is a close 2nd though! Make sure to follow and check us out at


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Helicopter hog hunting in Texas with Skyhunter Outfitters!

By: SkyhunterOutfitters

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81 hogs down #helihoggin!

By: SkyhunterOutfitters

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Are you READY?!

By: SkyhunterOutfitters

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