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The Ky Woodsman3 years ago

Thanks my friend.
I've posted 2 videos but neither will play back.
WMV is the video format I used but I can convert them to anything. What is the best conversion for your platform to accept?
Thanks much,
Brian Tims
The Ky Woodsman

Harvestlandtv3 years ago

Is there a word limit when you make a new thread? Because when I try to post my full thread it just glitches out and refreshes. I tried cutting it down to just a sentence and still wouldn't work. Then randomly it worked with a few sentences, but still not the full thread. Its called "fishers of men" 

Bud,Bob&Christ2 years ago

Harvestlandtv   I posted a song on that thread.  My father told me before he died that I would someday fish everyday, but would not always enjoy it.   I asked why.  He said :  "consider the professional fishermen who do it for a living.  surely there would come a time when the alarm wakes him and and he thinks I would love to sleep longer but darn it I have to hook up the boat and drive all the way to lake Texoma and go fishing.  I laughed at that, but never forgot it.  After he died I was going through his personal things and found his fishing license from the year he died  1999.  The address on it is Heavener Oklahoma.  I realized that he gave his name to five children from two failed marriages with me being the only one he GOT custody of.  Self evidently his only begotten.  
 Two sons and one girl in Texas and two sons from his second marriage in Oklahoma.  His clue for me was a man of faith does god's work everyday not just on Sunday (the lords day) or Saturday (sabbath).  I carry his Identity documents with me everyday including the fishing license.   Nothing should expire in that heavener place.  I believe there are no dead people in heaven, because we go to heaven to live, and live more abundantly.   A&Men 

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