Needing Prayer

March 2019

The past few days have been the hardest to take in. Yesterday we met with our team in Phoenix and learned that Piper’s Restrictive Atrial Septum is now fully Intact. This means that now there is no mixing of blood from the right and left sides of her heart and all of the blood is being pushed back into her lungs. Her lung pressure is very high and is now putting stress on her brain. Originally we thought that her first surgery would be immediately following birth but because of the current state of her heart we will be heading to Texas Children’s Hospital tomorrow to be potentially having her first in utero surgery next week. Saying I’m scared is an understatement. If this doesn’t work her chances of survival after birth are 10-20%. There’s also the chance that she won’t survive the surgery. We are putting all of our eggs in God’s basket. As hard and uncomfortable as asking for donations is, we have no choice. We still haven’t started jobs and our house in Montana has yet to close. If nothing else, please please share and pray.

Harvestlandtv2 years ago

We have a GoFundMe on my Facebook account and if you can't give please share if possible. The link is

We are currently on our way to Houston any recommendations for a church?

If you can give please give but if not please share and pray for us above all.

Deerstalking-fowltalkin2 years ago

I'll be praying for you. God is good, no matter the outcome. God knows your situation sir and I hope you continue to have that faith and trust in him, sometimes it's easier said than done but cast your anxieties on him because he cares for you. Take care mate

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