August 2018

I can’t help but feel a little envious, when I see all the frogs Jase et al are catchin. Up here in NW Missouri, what few frogs I’ve found (green and bull) haven’t been big enough to warrant cookin. 
For the past few years, it seems like the number of good sized frogs is less and less. 
Anyone else noticing this, from other parts of the country? 

huntingbuddy t3 years ago

Chiming in from SW Missouri and maybe it's because we're so close but I think I'm noticing the same down issue down here! Ain't big enough for a bite

mattsidjohn3 years ago

Yea the frogs are’t that big as of late - I wonder if has to do with lack of rain?

Papa Pepper2 years ago

NW Arkansas here, and the Big Bullfrogs seem to be few and far between. The only place I personally know that's packed with them is a small pond in the woods of central Wisconsin. I worry that since frogs are amphibians and they absorb a lot of things into their bodies through their skin, it might be a bad sign about the ecosystem. As toxins or pollution increases, the amphibians are usually the first to go...

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