Fishers of Men!!

March 2019

Lets do a mens bible study on this forum at least once a month. Where we take some scripture and apply it to our life as men in the christian faith. We can do a new forum each month taking one scripture a month and have a discussion on it. Because we need to be putting the lord first!! We also need a Women's bible study, but I can't do that because Women are way smarter than me.

So if you want to see an example of this just look at the forum Jase started about "spiritual questions??." One of the guys had a question about dealing with difficult people who mock the christian faith. I have real cool story about elk, deer, and non-believers in Montana.

Kwwallace1 month ago

I would like to see if Jase and his family caught a vision where this outdoor channel led to a MASSIVE network of christian FOLLOWERS. The church of Jesus christ was from very humble beginnings 2000 yrs ago. Simply put, he evangelized 12 disciples to become fishers of men and now that network is WORLDWIDE. What commercial business enterprise could ever claim networking sucess greater than that !! It was a LOST AND FOUND invasion by our saviour FROM HEAVEN ABOVE that will continue to harvest souls from planet earth. AMEN on the forum suggestion.

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