Fishers of Men!!

March 2019

Lets do a mens bible study on this forum at least once a month. Where we take some scripture and apply it to our life as men in the christian faith. We can do a new forum each month taking one scripture a month and have a discussion on it. Because we need to be putting the lord first!! We also need a Women's bible study, but I can't do that because Women are way smarter than me.

So if you want to see an example of this just look at the forum Jase started about "spiritual questions??." One of the guys had a question about dealing with difficult people who mock the christian faith. I have real cool story about elk, deer, and non-believers in Montana.

Kwwallace2 years ago

I would like to see if Jase and his family caught a vision where this outdoor channel led to a MASSIVE network of christian FOLLOWERS. The church of Jesus christ was from very humble beginnings 2000 yrs ago. Simply put, he evangelized 12 disciples to become fishers of men and now that network is WORLDWIDE. What commercial business enterprise could ever claim networking sucess greater than that !! It was a LOST AND FOUND invasion by our saviour FROM HEAVEN ABOVE that will continue to harvest souls from planet earth. AMEN on the forum suggestion.

Bud,Bob&Christ1 year ago

From a long suffering journey it is I come,  A poverty stricken refugee in my fathers asylum. A first born son in the spirit of a last born son. I Was governing myself well but  now that is all done.  My provider and protector has me at his right hand, he provided a mother named Mary without her laying with a man.  I am the meek one who inherits my fathers kingdom of heaven on earth.  What I trade it for is all this living flesh is worth. I laid it all down with Jesus, for my father shall again live, to his heavenly spirit this flesh (I DO) give. His own flesh went lifeless back in 1999, Jesus hosts his spirit in this heavenly heart  of mine. 

My heaven is where my heart is and this song is my affidavit of fact. 
I laid it all down with Jesus so my father shall come back.
Jesus hosts the spirits of the ones we love forever, 
immortality can only be a spiritual endeavor.
All of this is truth void of any  and all lies,
bring on the judgement your honor.
Has the prosecutor evidence otherwise? 

No greater love has any man to give, than to lay down his life so another one shall live. The greatest authority they all say is "LOVE",  there is no one I love more than my father up above. For his righteousness and wisdom it is that I thirst. I love the lord so much because he loved me first. His instruction and guidance I shall embrace, and I was made whole when (in the mirror) I saw his face.

My heaven is where my heart is and Jesus is my truth.
 I have nothing to prove the burdens on all of you. 
Jesus hosts the spirits of the ones we love forever, 
immortality can only be a spiritual endeavor.
All of this is truth void of any and all lies.
 who has the burden of proof your honor? 
Has the devil evidence otherwise?
My faith is stronger now than I ever realized,
It is  self evident that no one  has evidence otherwise.

Inspired by the spirit of my father Winston McKinney while I was in jail in Haskell county Oklahoma  (2017). I am a slave to his spiritual guidance now.  20 years ago in 1999,  I was his caregiver while he battled lung cancer.   Now I am my mothers caregiver while dementia takes her memory.   In a heavenly marriage two become as one.  God is a two part being and I serve the more valuable half of the godly unit that created my living flesh.   The master is always more valuable than the slave.  I now call the Haskell county jail:  Haskell county heaven where I was locked down in cell C7.  
Both my father and grandfather died at 56 years of lung cancer.  I am 56 years old now. 
Honoring both halves of god should ensure me length of days. 

Love and respect to all without prejudice. &  Blessings from Winston McKinney's kingdom.  My friends and family call me Bud. I am alive in the flesh.  (of my first born son)  Bob.  

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