January 2019

As nursery sharks and sea bass meander through the kelp fields looking for food, a predator lays in wait for the perfect catch. Head and shoulders wrapped in kelp, armed with a pole spear bearing a “slip tip” the hunter eyes his catch. As a plump 30lb sea bass approaches the fresh bait, the hunter lays nearly motionless as he furtively raises his spear to the head of the fish. Before the fish even knows it, the hunter releases his spear and it glides through the water striking the fish begin the eyes. With a motionless fish at the end of his spear the fisherman ascends to he surface to now catch a much needed breath of fresh air! With several fish strung around his belt the fisherman now must make it back to shore with his bounty of fresh fish (and possibly a few spiny lobster) as the sun sets on the horizon and the sharks  awake for another night of hunting. But not once does this bring fear into the fisherman’s mind, for he knows that lord has given him dominion over all life in the sea. 

This is why I love spearfishing! While I have yet to land a sea bass myself (the above is an anecdotal story) my more experienced friends have shown my the wonders that lay below the surface of the ocean and the satisfaction of it brings to dominate a seemingly foreign and dangerous environment. A cold aquatic environment where I must not only outsmart my prey, but the other predators that I am in competition with. Where every movement uses vital life sustaining oxygen that you hold in your lungs as you descend to the bottom of the reef, and where at times you must rely on nothing but your faith in the lord to keep you safe and sane in the bustling hunting grounds of the sea. 

If anyone is interested in seeing me hunt sheeps head out of dark holes at the bottom of the reef or sea bass in the kelp fields, I would be happy to share videos of my hunting expositions down at the bottom of the reef off the shores of Southern California.

God Bless,

Papa Pepper2 years ago

Please share some of your videos! I just picked up a Hawaiian Sling to start hunting fish below the surface and it's a lot of fun. That sounds so cool! I noticed that you haven't uploaded anything here. Have you shared any of your videos on YouTube or elsewhere? You make me want to take a drive to southern Cali!

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