December 2018

If you bowfish feel free to drop a comment and get to know some of your fellow sportsmen! I personally am from the great lake state (Michigan) and i always love to meet people who share the same passion for the sport of bowfishing! 

czth43 years ago

I'm just getting into bowfishing...any tips for beginners?

Papa Pepper2 years ago

Just started this year, but got about 200 fish in 2 weeks between the carp and suckers. We eat them all, so I filleted them and let the chickens pick the skeletons clean, then buried the bones on the garden. Planning to hit the Illinois River near Peoria IL this year for the "flying" Asian Carp. Originally from WI but we live in the Ozarks now. Great sport to enjoy, and a fun way to put some food on the table too!

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