Thescrawler3 years ago

IMHO It is 6 of one half dozen of the other.  I am not a fan of either.  They both have their issues.  I much prefer my Winchester 1300, but I am not sure they make them anymore.

Jesse3 years ago

Just saw this thread. Signed up to chime in although i doubt ill be of much help. As far as pumps go, i dont think you can beat an 870. But my main shotgun for the last 18 years has been a mossberg 9200. I would say you could never go wrong with an 870. 

Ps:  Ive just found this sight through watching youtube videos of Phil, Jase, and have actualy heard, on the christian radio, Sadie speaking to college women! Inspirational! What the Robertsons are doing is great (i dont use the word great lightly)! 

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