saraheileen53 years ago

When praying how do you make the difference between saying words and really believing what your saying and that it’s being heard?

Hillbilly Fishing Challenges3 years ago

saraheileen5 -  I know it might sound crazy but I can feel it. When I just say words while praying and just go through the motions, I don't feel anything. I don't feel like anything was heard. When I really put my heart into praying and talk to Jesus like I'm speaking to a friend, I can feel when I got heard. 

Woodsrunner983 years ago

How do you bless those who curse you like it says to do in the Bible? Whether that be someone literally cussing you out, or mocking you for being a believer. I always find I don’t know how to respond when the situation arises.

Harvestlandtv3 years ago


It can be difficult dealing with people who don't believe in god and even mock the faith. I had this experience while elk hunting with a good friend that I served in the Marine Corps with. We were bow hunting in Montana and while waiting for the fog to lift my friend tried to test my faith. He started saying how he didn't believe in fairy tales and even comparing my faith to unicorns. Then when that didn't seem to rattle me, he started bringing up my past sins. I simply told him that I've been reborn and I no longer carry those mistakes, and therefore they don't effect me anymore, I'm a new man and the old has been washed away. We ended up getting onto some really good elk that weekend but couldn't seal the deal. 

Once rifle season opened up we went out again and this time he brought a friend. With no elk in the area and way too many hunters we were resting on a hillside and it was almost like an ambush they had plotted for me. They started to ask questions about how I could believe in fairy tales and even mocked the holy spirit. I became overwhelmed with two of them openly mocking my faith, and with my past of getting angry quickly it was hard to stay calm. But I stayed calm and remembered that its my job to try and plant a seed not to make it grow. Growing is the lords job and the holy spirit. 

Now my motivation from the Marine Corps makes me want to knife hand people and say listen here dummy how can you not see all the facts? But we have to remember that as christians we are held to a higher standard and we must represent that standard by loving god with all our heart, soul, and mind. So therefore we must show love for those who mock us and disrespect us. I prayed very hard for my two friends that the holy spirit may convict them and I believe it is done. It may not happen today, tomorrow, or 10 years from now but it will happen one day. Put on your full armor of god on by reading the word and live your life for him and people who mock you won't be an issue. You will just have love in your soul for them brother! 

P.S. I dropped Jase a message requesting some prayer for our baby I'm sure gets a lot of mail but we could really use the prayer. Our baby has HLHS (hypo-plastic left heart syndrome) and she is at the highest risk there is for the condition. She will need open heart surgery as soon as she is born and the doctors say her chances aren't good. So if you all could send some prayers we would love it!

Harvestlandtv3 years ago

Also to end to that story:

We got back to the truck and he said he could tap me out so we proceeded to wrestle and I made is nose bleed so bad he had to tap. Then we went for one final hunt and at the end we saw a whitetail doe. After seeing it run off I realized I had a doe tag. 

So I said I am going after it. He told me you will never find that deer its gone. I said no way its right down here I bet. His friend had never hunted before so I asked him if he wants to come. He said no. Then my friend said why would he want to go with? You're not going to shoot anything, the deer is gone. I said okay, took 5 steps and shot the doe right in front of both of them! hahaha! Then they dragged the deer out for me and lifted it in the truck. 

Kwwallace3 years ago

Got need for a wingman ? Will hunt for food, LOL. Seriously, convicted about following Jesus to more places your family never dreamed of. Lets raise the net together.

Kwwallace3 years ago

It occurred to me this evening that phil may not be walking on water, but he’s shore sitting on water !!

Elifiknow2 years ago

When dealing with struggle I believe the best scripture is Romans 12:12 "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."

Bud,Bob&Christ2 years ago

The long suffering journey  is the life long struggle.  My father said:  "when life feels like more than you can handle I will pick you up and carry you.  I said "I know there will be only one set of footprints"   He was a funny man and said: "what if you see no footprints but only a deep long gouge in the earth?"  I said:  "I never heard that part. what is the long deep gouge?  He replied "Son, that is where I dragged you kicking and screaming."   

Love and respect to all without prejudice. 

Nellie2 years ago

Where can I request prayers for others to pray with me?

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