calling ducks

October 2019

I love duck hunting and it is my favorite outdoor activity.  I have been hunting ducks since I was 12 and now that I am quite a bit older I am trying to improve on what can.  I have trained my own dog and it is awsome.  I have done more scouting and spent more time out just watching ducks.  But I would like to become a better caller of ducks.  I suck at it.  I have tried many differant typs of calls and keeped blamming them.  HAHA.  So I started carving my own duck calls.  They have turned out looking pretty good if I do say so my self.  But i am still strugling with calling them into the decoys.  I have never been around someone who knew how to call and their for probably part of the problem.  I also have some eye issues and can't always see a long distance out.  I have listened and watched plenty of videos but nothing seems to work.  I still do pretty well out hear.  Maybe I should say also I hunt ducks in the desert in Nevada just north of LasVegas.  If anyone has any info they would like to share please let me know.   

Hunter_Waddell1 year ago

I am no professional duck caller, however I have learned to do a pretty good job of getting birds to commit in the swamps of NC. My advice is to first find an experienced caller and talk to them and let them help you. Also go listen to live, wild birds and try to mimic that sound. That’s how I learned.

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