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About CamoFlix

Would you rather spend your time hunting, fishing, hiking, or doing anything that involves the great outdoors? Do you like to take video to have records of all the amazing things that  happen in the wide world of nature? If so, Camoflix is for you! We are a video sharing and storage website specializing in outdoor sports. If you want to share your adventures with everyone on the worldwide web…we can do that! If you only want to share with certain friends who properly appreciate your talents…we can do that too! If you’re looking for videos of specific outdoor events (deer hunting, bass fishing, extreme mountain hiking, turkey calling…etc) you’ve come to the right place; our site is home to hundreds of public videos that will fit your interest! 

If you’re feeling extra creative, figure out a way to show the world how much you love using a certain product. Our Soon-To-Be-Launched "Sponsor Page" will offer sponsorships to participants who effectively advertise special products in their videos (details specific to each product coming soon). 

Check out the available accounts below and choose one that works the best for you. The faster you sign up, the faster you can become a part of the Camoflix family!