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CamoFlix's Favorite Videos

93 Views  2 Likes 2 Comments
Pintail Drake, now forever on my wall!

from OmniCamaro

15540 Views  49 Likes 12 Comments
Duck call room update 8/31/2017

from jaseduckman

1232 Views  19 Likes 8 Comments
Snake removal....Jase style!

from jaseduckman

439 Views  8 Likes 2 Comments
I stepped on this snake today, and luckily for me, he didn't bite, nor...

from jaseduckman

73 Views  2 Likes 0 Comments
Outside the Hive at Night

from coltyn.seifert

94 Views  1 Likes 0 Comments
Hanging out with Opossum

from coltyn.seifert

291 Views  11 Likes 2 Comments
Duck call room Jase Pro Series demo

from jaseduckman

2637 Views  46 Likes 8 Comments
When you pass something delicious in a ditch.

from jaseduckman

462 Views  10 Likes 2 Comments
2016 highlights The ducks come when you least expect it

from jaseduckman

531 Views  20 Likes 1 Comments
2016 highlights Phil needs glasses according to Si

from jaseduckman

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